About Daily Wins Alexa Skill

“I ain’t nothing but a WINNER. – Bear Bryant“

Our voice sweepstake product Daily Wins is more than just a normal sweepstake or competition. In essence, it offers you the chance to capture prizes quickly, effectively, and in a time-saving manner and to bring fantastic sweepstake prizes home by just using your voice. Yes, your voice can win you great prizes!!

Via Daily Wins you have the chance to participate in an unlimited number of sweepstakes every day by registering just once. The competition will be individually adapted for you in which you, as a user, can choose your sweepstakes based on Brand, Region (Postal Code or City) & Categories. By default, you will get all the sweepstakes associated with your postal code. Therefore, you can take part in any local, as well as national, sweepstakes.

To use the Daily Wins Alexa Skill for sweepstakes & competitions, all you have to do is register here on this website, install the Skill on your Alexa app, and then confirm with the same e-mail address as you used for registering for the www.daily-wins.com Site. Now, the world of limitless Sweepstakes is open to you!

After successfully participating in a sweepestake, you will automatically receive an e-mail from Daily Wins with further information about the competition you have entered. Be involved today, and make your voice the most important feature to help you win great prizes.

Excited about Daily Wins and ready to use it?



Daily Wins Alexa Skill is a product of THE VOICE MARKETER. We, at THE VOICE MARKETER, are passionate about user-driven voice marketing products. Our mission is to bring the benefits of voice technology to the users and the brands they love. THE VOICE MARKETER products will be made available for the U.S., U.K., Germany, Australia, Canada and Indian markets as of now.

We are happy to support NGOs, social institutions, non-profit organisations and public institutions with our expertise in the voice marketing field.